Summer Skin

A glowing complexion is in style all year round, but summer is the season to feel beautiful in your skin all over. From baring it all in your new swimwear to feeling comfortable in shorts and tank tops, The Skin Enhancement Center at Moeller Dermatology has the expert team and services to keep you confident and glowing all summer long — from head to toe.

For the Face

Tired of the usual, time-consuming makeup routine? Imagine an even, perfect skin tone from the inside out and say goodbye to heavy foundations in the hot summer weather. The micropeel at The Skin Enhancement Center at Moeller Dermatology is the perfect way to remove dull skin cells, reduce pigmented acne scars, and generally brighten the face. Known as the “lunchtime” peel, there is minimal renewal time with this deep exfoliation treatment, done in a three-step process. The true beauty of the micropeel? With each session, you’ll see improvements to your skin’s clarity. Ask one our professionals about their experience with the micropeel, as this service is a long-running favorite among our staff and clientele.

Another way to let your natural beauty shine this summer is through FDA approved BOTOX®, proven to freshen and relax the skin for a natural, youthful look. The professionals at The Skin Enhancement Center at Moeller Dermatology are well versed in this easy process and can work with you on an individual basis to target your own areas of interest. BOTOX® is minimally invasive, typically lasts three to four months, and has no down time. Optimum results and client safety can only be reached when injectibles are overseen by a professional staff with medical support, such as at The Skin Enhancement Center at Moeller Dermatology. It’s the perfect solution to quickly looking your best.

For the Body

You want to show more than just your face this summer, The Skin Enhancement Center at Moeller Dermatology proudly offers Body by Thermage®. Thermage® is based on a unique radiofrequency (RF) technology. As skin ages, the collagen loses elasticity causing it to appear sagging, or dimpled. Thermage® brings back the tightness of youth in one 60-90 minute session. The dermis (lower layer of the skin) is gently deep heated to help tighten existing collagen and encourage the growth of new collagen. At the same time, the epidermis (surface layer) of the skin is cooled, offering protection. The result is no downtime, offering visible benefits of a youthful contour and tightening in only one session that will gradually improve over two to six months, and can last years.

The final touch to fresh, rejuvenated skin is a smooth finish. The Smartepil Laser II safely removes hair from all skin types, even tanned skin. This system also removes unsightly leg and facial veins with its non-invasive technology. This simple laser technique is ideal for those who want to eliminate the time and hassle of everyday shaving, or who don’t want to take chances with chemically based hair removal products. With laser hair removal, clients can expect superior results from markedly delayed hair growth to permanent removal; session time length depends on the area of skin being treated for hair or vein elimination.

For You

The professionals at The Skin Enhancement Center at Moeller Dermatology have all the tools to prepare your skin for summer styles. We’re dedicated to providing our clientele with products and services to bring out the natural beauty of confidence, making sure you’ll be proud to wear swimsuits, tank tops, and sandals all season long. Bring on the sun and celebrations, and show off your great skin!